samedi 24 janvier 2009

A new era of openness

Premier faux pas d'Obama ?
The new president was announcing what he called "a new era of openness", where in his administration, transparency would rule the day.

President Obama:
"The executive order on ethics I will sign shortly represents a clean break from business as usual. As of today, lobbyists will be subject to stricter limits than under any other administration in history. If you are a lobbyist entering my administration, you will not be able to work on matters you lobbied on, or in the agencies you lobbied during the previous two years. When you leave government, you will not be able to lobby my administration for as long as I am president."

You see, what happened is, there is this former lobbyist for a big defense contractor called Raytheon. His name is William Lynn.
President Obama wants him to be deputy defense secretary. So, the Obama administration wants a waiver to its own rule.

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