lundi 11 janvier 2010

26 commissaires

Un remake des 10 petits nègres ... ?
Dans les huit jours qui viennent, les Eurodéputés et leurs commissions vont mettre sur le gril les vingt-six commissaires de l'équipe Barroso II

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Tout pour suivre les auditions des commissaires européens désignés: Et un rappel des enjeux, ici:

[EbS] [LIVE 11/01/10 - 16:00] Press briefing Catherine ASHTON - Following her EP Hearing

Début des auditions des commissaires désignés par le PE à midi. Lady Ashton ouvre le feu. Va-t-elle se faire chahuter?#UE

@Phineas_Barnum notre vanne rompouille ne leur est pas indifférent, faut croire ;-)

@TanHoaPhamTran C'est eux qui l'ont désigné, car cela rime avec "nouille" - , c'est ici: http://to./7jy #sansdec'

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Women MP candidate quotas proposed
Obligatory quotas for the number of women put forward for selection as a parliamentary candidate by each political party have been proposed.

A cross-party conference chaired by Speaker John Bercow, acknowledged that its suggestion would be controversial.

The conference on diversity issues was commissioned by the prime minister.

It wants the parties either to improve the representation of women at the 2010 general election, or face mandatory quotas for the next one.

Family-friendly hours

Its report states: "We recognise that equality guarantees do not sit easily within some political party cultures.

"Yet, to date, the all-women shortlist has been the only mechanism to have produced a significant step-change in representation in the House of Commons in a relatively short period of time."

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